My life of Photography, Lithography, and Web Developement

A Love For Photography.

I have a passion for photography. Stopping a fractional second of time intrigues me. I picked up my mothers camera and started wasting film in my teens. Later, I was typically the one behind the camera getting shots of the family. 

For over a century people have relied upon, capitalized from, and shared photographs. Personally, I have become a student of the art. Professionally, I capture moments of time. If one desires, time can stand still.

Wade Blake

Anybody can take a picture. A photographer takes a photograph. 

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Lithography and The Graphic Arts

I started in the printing industry when I was eighteen years old. The process of ink on paper at a high rate of speed was cool to watch. Plus the pay was good!  Most of my experience in the industry was large format lithographic sheetfed offset-print. The other half comes from small commercial, or in-plant small format offset-print, and cold web / heat set web products. With a mix of large format Flexography, Litho Lamination, Polystyrene substrates, Die cutters and Folders. My roles have varried over the years. I started out pushing a broom and moved up the corporate ladder in to management. Learning the processes hand on along way.